A request for a group visit should be submitted at least six weeks ahead of the planned date of the visit.
Name of the organization? *

A request for a group visit should be submitted by this form or email at least six weeks ahead of the planned date of the visit.
{{answer_dcwW2EMnShXV}}, thank you for interesting in visiting us.
We need group leader’s name and function:

Please enter group leader’s name and function:
Contact telephone number: *

Please enter a valid telephone number so we can reach you.
Number of visitors: *

Please enter number of visitors. For practical reasons the number of visitors per group should not exceed 25 persons. In order to comply with security requirements, you will also need to provide a list of all the visitors’ names and passport numbers to the External Relations Office at least one week before the visit.
Profile of visitors: *

Please check applicable visitors profie.

Indicate the field: *

Please indicate the field and level of studies, field of expertise for professionals or description for others...
Purpose of the visit: *

Please describe the purpose of visit. Please note that the visits are generally organized in English. However, where possible, the Mechanism will try to arrange for communication to be conducted in another language. Please also indicate the language(s) in which you prefer the visit to take place.
Are there any other requirements or requests? If yes, please specify:

Date of visit: *

The Mechanism welcomes visitors during regular hours of operation, from 09:00 to 17:30, Monday through Friday. Please note that the group should not arrive at the Mechanism before 09:30 or after 16:00.   Please indicate your requested visit date and time. Multiple options are preferred. Please indicate date and time...

Please note that submitting a request does not confirm your group visit. Your group visit is only confirmed after you have received an email from the External Relations Office approving your request.
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